Not Right Now!

My son: "Mom, can I...?" Me:"Not right now!" I find myself saying this to my son several times a day. Why? Most of the time I'm busy doing work, or I just don't feel like entertaining his questions at the time. Some days I just need time for myself. Tonight I realized I should ask … Continue reading Not Right Now!


You are NOT the Father.

As Father's Day approaches, I have seen many posts about celebrating single moms on Father's Day.  In fact, Angel Soft has a commercial showing adult children wishing their single moms a Happy Father's Day.  I'm sorry ladies, but we are not men.  We can not be fathers.  God created us to be mothers. Yes, as … Continue reading You are NOT the Father.

Choose Me

   Do you remember being a child on the playground waiting to be chosen for a team? Maybe you were always the first one chosen. Maybe you were the last. Maybe you avoided playing on a team in attempts to ignore the fear of not being chosen. Maybe you were the person who did the … Continue reading Choose Me