Amazing Grace 

“Amazing grace. How sweet the sound…” Since I was a little girl I’ve always wondered, what does that mean? What is the sound of grace? To better understand the sound of grace we must first know the definition of grace. So what is grace? “Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely; the peace of God given to the restless; the unmerited favor of God.” 

When I think of the sound of grace, I think of forgiveness. How sweet it is to hear the words “you are forgiven” or “all is forgotten.” How sweet it is to hear “you are still good enough.” I am not perfect. I’ve made mistakes. Many times I have been in need of God’s grace. At times I have also been in need of grace from others. I pray that God grants me grace, but I know there’s nothing that I can do or say to earn it. God gives His grace freely, but do I extend this same measure of grace to others?

Are my words and actions sweet and lovely when I have been hurt and abused? In my pain am I able to grant grace to others who have wronged me? I will be honest, this has been a challenge at times. In my humanity there may be times when I want the person who caused me pain to suffer just as much as I have. Sometimes I try to pretend that I am unbothered by their words and actions, knowing that inside I may be on the verge of a shower of tears. That is not Christlike. That is not GRACE. 

Not only do I ask for God’s grace for myself, but I pray that God will help me to be gracious to others. I pray that the words flowing from my mouth will be sweet and pleasant to the ear. May my words and actions display the grace that God has given me. May God use me to bring peace to others. May my heart be full of grace. 

What would we do without God’s amazing GRACE? Oh how sweet it is! 


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